Sports nutrition coaching for active lifestyles

We teach athletes how to properly fuel their bodies to perform, look, and feel their very best.

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why we love sports nutrition counseling:

We understand the desire for confidence and knowledge with your nutrition plan when it comes to performance and wellness goals…. We’ve been there too. That’s why we created Fuel2Live Nutrition, to provide nutritional guidance backed by the latest nutritional science, and practical ways to implement it.

why we love our performance nutrition membership:

At Fuel2Live Nutrition, we understand the need for an optimal nutrition plan for performance goals, and the commonness of under fueling. That’s why we created our Performance Nutrition Membership Program to help you go from under fueled to fueled while still enjoying life and your favorite foods outside of the gym.

Sports Nutrition Counseling

This option is for elite and recreational athletes who are struggling and confused about how to appropriately fuel for their performance and body composition goals.

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Performance Meal Plan Membership

This add-on service can be combined with nutrition counseling sessions or our Performance Nutrition Membership to help take the guesswork out of meal planning. This service provides fully customized meal planning based on your specific macronutrient needs and fitness goals with a variety of options available.

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Performance Nutrition MembershiP

Tier 1 Wellness:

Ideal for clients with some general nutrition knowledge but needing accountability, education, tools, and guidance to reach their performance and wellness goals. Includes photo food journaling, menu recommendations, recipe curation, meal prepping tips, fitness recommendations, and two body composition scans to assess progress.

Tier 2 MacroNutrient Tracking:

Ideal for clients looking to optimize their performance, improve body composition, learn about their fueling needs, and be held accountable every step of the way! This Tier includes everything from Tier 1 + custom macronutrient calculations and detailed food tracking using the Cronometer app.

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Michelle listened to my needs, what my triggers were for disordered eating and created a plan that worked for me. Never once did I feel restricted, judged, or frustrated. She created a plan that is sustainable for the rest of my life. No gimmicks, eating trends or hype.

Kim D, camas,WA

Overall, I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is serious about improving their health and fitness. Her personalized approach, attention to detail, and commitment to helping her clients succeed make her stand out as one of the best nutritionists around.

Ryan RW, Boston, MA

“Working with Michelle was a great experience. She’s super knowledgeable and patient! I’d recommend her to anyone looking to optimize their nutrition.”

Richard R, Boston, MA

"Michelle is great! I have worked with her for a few months to set a foundation for healthy eating without sacrificing normal living. Michelle also worked with me to create a plan for my half marathon to fuel the week prior, during the run, and after. I felt so good during this experience, and I really attribute that to her guidance."

Jessica S, Boston, MA

"I started working with Michelle with the intention of changing my eating habits and making sustainable lifestyle changes. I had tried a number of different diets (Whole30, elimination diet, Noom App, macros counting) but nothing seemed to fit my needs in the long run. Michelle really took the time to understand my goals and needs to then craft a plan that fit a healthier lifestyle. I was able to work towards my fitness and health goals all with seamless integration into my life. I highly recommend Fuel2Live Nutrition!"

Ryan M, Boston, MA

"Michelle is a very skilled clinician. Since I started working with her, I feel more empowered to take control of my personal health and learn how to use nutrition to care for my body’s physical demands. I appreciate how person-centered she is. Her coaching style is a nice balance of compassionate, nonjudgmental, and pragmatic. I feel like I walk away from our sessions with clear achievable goals and a plan for what to work on as a next step. "

Mary Y, Boston, MA

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